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What is Life Coaching?

Life Coaches are trained to help bring out your best performance. Life coach mentoring helps you to focus on your present situation, identify obstacles or areas that need improvement in your life, career or relationships.

A Certified Life Coach will safely guide you through self-discovery and create a vision for your future. Having a caring and motivational life coach with experience and expertise brings a sense of peace and accountability, helping you to reach your highest potential. While working with your online life coach, you will learn skills to help you adapt and excel in your areas of focus. Life coaching online opens a whole new line of communication between client and coach, because accessibility is increased thus allowing greater success.

There are many life coach jobs out there, but Your Earth Angel is unique. Becoming a life coach is not a job to our online life coaches, but a passion for utilizing their base of knowledge, experience and training to craft unique solutions for each client’s specific needs and goals.

Whether you seek advice from a personal life coach, lifestyle coach, relationship coach, or career coach, our online life coaching will identify patterns that inhibit your progress, strategize on how you can overcome them, and help you to implement and maintain these strategies for optimal success.

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Life Coaching Online

Life Coaching is a rewarding, but challenging, business.

After succeeding in developing your life coach skills and credentials, igniting your passion to help people achieve a better quality of life, receiving life coach training and mapping out a plan of where you want to be in your career, what comes next?

Do you need a shortcut to success?

Struggle no more! We are here to help your life coach business grow.

Have you wondered how to become a certified life coach? Have you considered life coach credentialing, or have you completed your life coach courses and looking to fast track your career?

Taking your work as a life coach online can open a whole new realm of opportunity for you-- and for your potential clients!

An online life coach can fill many needs of those who seek professional life coaching. Scheduling is more flexible, and communication is fast and effective.

You may be a certified life coach, lifestyle coach, professional coach, spiritual life coach, success coach or any other coaching modality. Clients are seeking help in many areas... confidence coaching, bereavement coaching, relationship coaching and the like. Are you ready to fill these needs?

You can help people who seek your life coaching no matter what your mentorship modality! We can get you there. Quickly.

Expand the reach of your talents globally. Being an online life coach is easy, effective, and on the cutting edge of the industry.

Online life coaching helps you to maximize your billable hours, control your schedule, and enjoy the freedom of owning your own practice and having a successful life coach career without all the hard work of running the business.

Join us today to become a part of a dynamic network out to better the world!

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Professional Coaching

Professional life coaching is solution-oriented and beneficial to anyone needing life coach mentorship and guidance to overcome obstacles on their paths to success in life, in business, or in general.

Using their extensive experience and knowledge gained through their life coaching training process, professional online coaches help you to develop your potential, identify your limiting beliefs keeping you from the success, and guide you through the process of overcoming what keeps you from living the life you desire.

Professional coaching specialties are vast. Which is right for you?

  • Motivational Coach
  • Career or Business Coach
  • Finance Coach
  • Leadership Coach
  • Lifestyle Coach
  • Confidence Coach
  • Spiritual Life Coach
  • Performance Coach
  • Addiction Coach
  • Health and Wellness Coach
  • Transformational Coach
  • Love and Relationship Coach
  • Bereavement Coach

If you feel your area of need is not listed here, contact us to let us know. The Your Earth Angel network of devoted life coaches is expanding daily. We seek talented accredited life coaches in any genre, and will likely have life coaches who match your unique needs and personality.

For more information on life coaching and mentoring with YEA, contact us today! If you’re still asking yourself, “What is life coaching?” or “How do I become a life coach?” give us a call. We can explain the benefits of confidence coaching, spiritual coaching, overcoming addiction with a life coaches help, and much more. We can even coach you on how to become a life coach if you feel passion for helping others succeed as well!

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Coach Benefits

  • Access to clients who need your expertise
  • Exposure to international clients
  • Quick & professional profile setup
  • Post & easily update your own unique schedule
  • Safe & secure connections between you & your clients
  • Private mail center with homework uploading & tracking
  • More time with your clients! All billing & customer service handled securely by YourEarthAngel
  • Client hours and recordings are historically saved for easy submission to maintain your accreditation--no more messy record keeping on your end!
  • Reliable technology. A trusted team with 20+ years of skilled experience in telecommunications networks
  • Weekly pay. On time, every time
  • And…soon to offer a paid texting service--helping you maintain healthy boundaries with clients

Client Benefits

  • Coaches who specialize in specific needs
  • A secure site that is easy to use & navigate
  • Private mail center for messaging & homework
  • Confidential journal to keep personal notes
  • Goal journal to coordinate & update outcomes
  • Access to recordings of phone sessions from coaching sessions to maximize client accountability
  • Safe & private connections, online and on the phone
  • Metrics to track personal progress
  • Access to a secure library of online self-help articles
  • A free 30-minute trial

Why Choose Us?

What you as a Coach get

Your Earth Angel knows how much work, dedication and passion it takes to become a coach. We understand your desire to empower the lives of your clients. Many of you have found that although you went through fantastic coaching programs, what they did not focus on enough is how to run and market your own business, getting and retaining clients, time management, scheduling, and more--and this is where Your Earth Angel steps in and helps. We know the most challenging aspect of sharing your gifts as a coach, no matter what your niche, is maintaining the responsibilities of business while giving your clients the attention they need. How do you balance the demands of running your own business, keeping up with your records and billings, and still have time to devote to your clients, family and personal life? These are important and tedious tasks for which you are responsible, but are often unbilled work hours.

At Your Earth Angel, we can show you how to alleviate the stress on your time. The key to your success in business is outsourcing. Leave the business responsibilities to us! Free yourself to focus on what matters most--your client. The tasks involved with running a business can be draining. These are often necessary tasks for compliance, invoicing, record keeping and marketing. Let the burden of those daunting business tasks fall on us.

Becoming a coach with YEA identifies your coaching business with a trusted industry source while helping to simplify business practices. You’ll gain access to potential clients all over the world. Reap the rewards of greater exposure to clients who perceive the value of your work by association with some of the industry’s top coaches. Expand your professional network, showcase your experience, connect with like-minded professionals, and get on the fast track to business growth!


We help get you clients. The biggest challenge for any business is obtaining and retaining clients and doing this in a consistent manner. During your coaching course, you were most likely taught a variety of avenues to use to market yourself which may have resulted in few, if any, clients and many lost unpaid hours. Many coaches get frustrated and go back to doing whatever job they had before, and are left feeling defeated and unaccomplished. Don’t let this happen to you, let us HELP you!

Record Keeping

Record-keeping is essential to good practice. Not only is your continuity improved between sessions, records provide a point of reference for long-standing clients, and keeps you in compliance with maintaining your accreditation for your yearly audit by the International Coach Federation (ICF). As you know, ICF requires record keeping of 500 billable hours as well as recorded sessions to be submitted to them for review. We maintain all of that data for you, so you can easily get them what they need. YEA will keep your records complete, compliant and up to date, as well as reflect the best practices of the coaching process. You can rest easy knowing that your records are kept in a single secure location.


Your Earth Angel staff will handle all your billing and collections, customer service, and your weekly pay! No more time spent on balance sheets and collecting late payments. Outsourcing billing responsibilities can save you an enormous amount of time so that you can do the things you love.


Your Earth Angel provides a scheduling platform that allows you to conveniently post and update your schedule, access secure personal email and upload/track files from your clients. Having these files at your fingertips will save you time and energy.

Build Your Book of Business

Your desire to empower and enrich the lives of your clients has gained momentum, fueled by your passion and drive. But how do you build a client base? How do you reach people in need of the wisdom and strategies you so passionately wish to share? Let the integrity of YEA help to build your client network, and benefit from the marketing provided by Your Earth Angel. Keep your focus on where it matters most--building your client relationships. Office duties should not distract you from sharing your talents and skills for the betterment of the lives you touch. Act now--the choice is yours! Join our dynamic team of talented and caring coaches. Your Earth Angel seeks only those coaches who have a proven success record, the utmost integrity, and strong ethics. If you are certified ACC, PCC, or MCC, and want to be considered for our network of top-notch coaches, take the next step.

The Process

Ready to accelerate your coaching business? Click “Register Now” below for our entry questionnaire. Upon review you will be considered for a telephone interview and skill set screening.

All new coaches will receive shout outs in our upcoming marketing and social media. We want people to know about the incredible work you do, Our goal is to help you and your clients succeed.


This is an online platform that is mobile and PC friendly, and was designed by coaches for coaches. We believe that your time--and the help you give to your clients--is extremely valuable. Let us help you make more time in your schedule to do exactly that--to be more available to the clients who need you.

Our platform offers an easy interface where you can schedule and then meet by phone or skype with your clients, as well as get bookings with new clients. We handle all customer service and billing. All you need to do is be you and give the remarkable personal care to your clients as you always do... and we handle all the rest.


You will have more time and greater opportunity to meet with more potential clients.


Absolutely free. You literally have nothing to lose. Even if you have your own site, we welcome you to use ours, too.